January 2024 Update: Metal 2 the Masses

Happy New Year Folks! We all had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas here at the WOA camp but now done with merriment we are putting our heads down and working harder than ever to push the band forward for Read more

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BPD – Bad Personality Disorder

This is track from our debut EP. We have already performed this live, including at The Siege, Limerick and it's had a great reception with live audiences. Read more
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October 2022 Review – The Siege of Limerick

So we know we have gone pretty quiet over the past few months, and for good reason. We have been working in the background on our creative processes (new material, merch, artwork etc..) and we were burned out from Read more

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The Road So Far

It’s been a while since we released a blog post, mainly due to how astronomically busy we have been over the past while, but now that we are approaching the midpoint of the year we would like to take Read more

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WOA First Official Studio Release

After two long years of song writing, practice, gigging and various other band related shenanigans, we are finally going to studio to track out our debut EP ‘The Social Apocalypse’. We have attempted to go to studio twice to Read more

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Throne of a Fallen King


This is a demo version of a track that will feature on our our upcoming EP. We have performed this live recently and it’s such a great song to share with an audience.

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