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War of Attrition

Irish Metal

War of Attrition is a 5-piece metal outfit from Limerick, Ireland, formed during the early stages of the global coronavirus pandemic. Yeah… writing and playing kick-ass metal is the best way to get through a pandemic lockdown.

War of Attrition blend influences from modern and classic metal to craft their own brand of melodic but heavy music. Have a listen and feel free to contact us with who or what you think inspired some of our sound.

War of Attrition – Live in Limerick, Ireland


So… you need a kick-ass metal act to rock your event? You’ve come to the right place.

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The Lads Behind The Madness

  • Ocean- Lead/Rhythm Guitar
  • Nathan- Vocals
  • Shapes- Drums
  • Diarmuid- Rythm/Lead Guitar
  • Keith- Bass

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