War of Attrition

War of Attrition

Meet The Band

War of Attrition is a five-piece metal outfit based in Limerick, Ireland, and formed just as the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. The guys are are insanely passionate about music, and work hard to translate that passion into something they can be proud to share.


Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Our Lead Axeman is Ocean, a shredder to the core with likes and influences from Amon Amarth to ZZ Top.
A speed shredder at heart, Ocean is still a consciously technical composer and player.

"​If it ain’t awesome, do it again."

Music Streaming Services

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Apple Music: music.apple.com
Spotify: open.spotify.com
Deezer: deezer.page
Amazon Music: music.amazon.com
YouTube Music: music.youtube.com
Tidal Music: tidal.com