October 2022 Review – The Siege of Limerick

So we know we have gone pretty quiet over the past few months, and for good reason. We have been working in the background on our creative processes (new material, merch, artwork etc..) and we were burned out from the insane amount of gigs we were playing.


We are making our return to the scene running hard and fast.

The Siege Of Limerick

On Sunday October 30th we were delighted to be part of the lineup for the 26th edition of Irelands largest and best metal festival, ‘The Siege Of Limerick’, where we laid waste to upstairs of Dolans performing for the best crowd we have ever had. We played our most intense set to date including tracks such our fan favorite ‘I Am Devastation’, our very first single ‘Victims of Avarice’ and our newest track ‘The Weeper’.

We were delighted to partake with such a high caliber lineup including Dublins hot up and coming thrashers and fellow siege rookies Unmaker, Norther Irelands finest female fronted, symphonic, fantasy metal act Ravenlight, fellow Limerick metal fiends Trench Knife, Galway based groove sludge Grey Stag (huge highlight was their cover of Emerald), Cork based deathcore/slam Worn Out, the epic progressive Limerick heads Shardborne and the mighty UK titans Memoriam (To name a few of our favorite acts from the night). A huge shoutout to John and Ciaran of ‘Bad Reputation‘ who never fail to put on a truly unforgettable night. This was the first 0 restriction Siege since the pandemic and what an awesome night it was. We are very grateful for everyone who attended and supported us so a huge shoutout to you all, with the amazing support and the long string of compliments you guys made us feel like true rock stars!!!

The Social Apocalypse

After a long and rocky process we are delighted to announce that we have finally released our debut EP ‘The Social Apocalypse‘ which is currently available for digital download on Bandcamp and will be available for physical purchase at our CD Launch Party (details tba soon…) at the end of this month. Live tracked in Open Door Studios, this EP may have taken a little longer to come together than we had initially hoped due to the nature of live tracking in studio, but we are very happy with the great work Joey has done to capture the energy of our stage performances. It is expected to be available on all streaming platforms in the coming weeks. In addition to our four track EP we also released an additional single ‘BPD‘ which is available on YouTube and all other streaming services

(The Social Apocalypse cover art – Diarmuid McKenna)

The EP track list consists of songs you may be familiar with if you have seen us live

  • Throne of a Fallen King
  • Victims of Avarice
  • I am your God
  • The Constant Gray

In addition to our new EP and single we have a new line of merch on line which will be available for purchase on this website within the coming days and be purchased in person by contacting any of the band members. Keep an eye out as we have some great new products and designs inbound

Wrapping up the year

We have a few fun announcements coming to keep you guys entertained from now until Christmas, but for now we are most looking forward to November 17th where we get to perform with one of our favorite British heavy metal acts , The Mighty ‘FURY’ in Dolans, Limerick, opening for them on their first Irish night of ‘The Road To Hell’ tour, so book the date guys because this going to be one hell of a show.

We will be revealing our new merchandise here in the coming days so keep an eye out because we have some kickass gear coming your way.

On Wednesday November 2nd, Ocean and Nathan featured on Limericks based ‘From The Depths‘ metal podcast hosted by Emmet Casey and Aaron O’Neill, where they will be reviewing the Siege and our new material. The podcast will air on Tuesday November 8th and we can promise is equal parts funny to informative as the boys have a great laugh recounting tales of previous sieges.

Details are yet to be confirmed but expect over the coming days to get information on our CD Launch Party, which we shall be hosting in one of Limericks top venues, Pharmacia and we say party, we mean PARTY!!!!!!!

With a few more gig bookings and whatnot to close out the year and bring us into 2023 keep an eye on this space because we mean it when we say some big things are coming this way. Until the next blog however we shall keep our lips sealed so make sure to keep your eye’s and ears on this space.

Until next time folks
Stay safe and rock on