War of Attrition Year 2 Recap

So we have been somewhat absent from our website this year between busy gig schedule and busy personal lives but going forward into our third year on the scene expect more content, more merch, more gigs and more music.

We wrapped up the end of our second year gigging, performing at the bi-annual metal festival ‘The Siege Of Limerick’ which was to the date two years after our very first live performance. It is always an honor to perform at Irelands greatest event and a huge shoutout to Bad Reputation for constantly delivering such a splendor. Easily the largest crowd we have seen to date it was a nice little transition into the beginning of year 3 for War Of Attrition. Playing alongside bands such as Gamma Bomb, Horrenda, Slung From A Tree, Zealot Cult, Settler, Crossfire, Drakonis, Roper, Nomadus, LaVein (all of whom we caught and delivered absolutely devastating performances) and many more of Irelands heavy hitters, we delivered a hard hitting aggressive set (minus some technical difficulties such as a kickdrum beater escaping) and dropped our latest song and title track for the up and coming album ‘Universe 25’ which was very we received.

Siege of Limerick – Samhain 2023 Lineup

We have had an incredibly busy year with almost too many gigs to count but some of our highlights include playing with legendary international acts Fury and Night Demon to performing at both the Siege and Templemore metal festival. We also held our official EP launch party in April supported by our good friends in Unmaker and Aborted Earth in Limerick which was a huge success. A particular highlight gig for us this year was in Fibbers playing alongside Psykosis and Vaheidi to an incredibly animated crowd for the official Saxon afterparty in Dublin.
We have featured in podcasts, been surprise headliners and even had our music in the official soundtrack of a feature length movie so overall it has been a fun, productive year for War Of Attrition.

Going forward we hope to be dropping regular content online both on our website and socials, whether it be concept art, merch or new music so keep your eyes and ears peeled folks. We will be dropping another blog in the next few days with upcoming gig news. Until then….